We want to innovate the food tech space, to see what we can do differently to bring out the best in plants, to live healthy, and to ensure self sufficiency in our food supply.

We want to partner entrepreneurs, food science institutes and academics to develop ground-breaking tech that shift the very core of our age-old beliefs of food.


Advances in urban farming have already helped us utilise our limited land area, cultivate more yield per square metre and deliver foods with enhanced vitamins and minerals. We can do more to make a substantive impact on food supply and security. 


If you are an entrepreneur, researcher or a keen plant activist, email us at for collaboration and partnership opportunities. 

Twisted Roof Structure

"30 x 30" VISION

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted food supply chains across the world, with Singapore being no exception. We now realise that we urgently need to build resilience and capabilities in local food production and agriculture.

Singapore's target is to produce 30% of our nutritional needs locally by 2030 - the "30 x 30" goal*. Float Foods is committed to help contribute to next generation technology and build expertise to meet this target. 


The agri-food industry would have to enhance R&D,  integrate tech for productivity and overcome resource constraints. We want to integrate upcycling residual ingredients in the production process to ensure zero wastage in the manufacture of our foods.