We are dedicated to making the world a better healthier place. Sounds cheesy, but its true.


Let's start with the environment. We realise that we are part of the problem. So we want to change things. 


1. We are going to work hard to bring about change in our environment by transforming how we eat and what we eat. We don't want animals to suffer at our expense, and we don't want to harm the planet.  


2. We also want to live healthy and clean. We want to build up our local capabilities by offering tasty nutrient-dense plant based foods, leveraging food tech and innovation.

3. We want our supply chains to be within our borders. We can do this by investing in local production so that we can make a substantive impact on our food supply and security. 


We want a new future of food, today. 





We are in the midst of a climate emergency. A recent study by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) found that emissions from the world's largest dairy companies have the same combined gas emissions as the whole of UK. That's huge. More than 90% of dairy industry emissions are produced by cows. Plant based production on the other hand, cause significantly lower emissions.

We have seen a broken food supply system. In the UK, farmers have dumped millions of pints of milk down the drain. In Iran, millions of baby chickens have been buried alive, and in Singapore, we have thrown away over 250,000 eggs because of oversupply. This just proves the vulnerability and inflexibility of the current food trade system, once disruption hits. Efficiency has come at a price. 

We think a move away from corporate food players into smaller quality food producers might be a push in the right direction. We don't want to cut off all food trade, but we also think we need to shorten our supply chains and diversify our food sources. 



Vinita is a serial entrepreneur, with a big appetite for a challenge. She has recently leapt into foodtech from biotech, because she truly believes that plundering the planet has to stop, and we must transform the way we eat.


She believes in the power of plants, and that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of plant food possibilities. She believes that embracing a predominant plant food lifestyle is a win win for everyone, because we can all regain our health and our planet in one fell swoop.


Vin is currently the Director of Fenix Holdings, a major shareholder of INEX INNOVATE, a leading Women’s Health Care biotech company based in Singapore (www.inex.sg). In under a decade, she helped build INEX INNOVATE from a biotech start-up to Asia’s leading Women’s Innovation Health Care company with a valuation of US$72m in 2019.