Float Foods is Singapore’s first food tech startup dedicated to the development of a plant-based whole egg substitute.


Developed with proprietary technology created by Float Foods’ in-house research and development team, OnlyEg comprises legumes-based substitutes for both egg yolk and egg white as two distinct components, which can be prepared individually or assembled in minutes into multiple styles of eggs including sunny side-up, overeasy or soft boiled.


OnlyEg is among the first of its kind to achieve a level of likeness to a real chicken egg. The closest alternatives in the market are currently liquid blends of egg substitutes that are made into scrambled eggs and omelettes




A key component of Float Foods’ plant-based food mission is a “Food as Medicine”approach – where the nutritional benefits offered by plant-based food is recognised as paramount. 

OnlyEg will be able to offer nutritional value that matches that of a whole chicken egg. It will be high in protein, and free from cholesterol, hormones and drug residues. We believe that this is critical and central to the aim of offering a plant-based substitute - to be able to eat clean, naturally sourced, nutrient-dense food for our health and wellbeing. 


Why OnlyEg?

Asia remains the biggest consumers of chicken eggs , with 65% of global production taking place in the region.


Singaporeans consume almost 2 billion chicken eggs annually, of which more than 70% are currently imported, rendering Singapore susceptible to food supply disruptions.


Singapore aims to produce 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030, and Float Foods plans to move forward in its commitment to build a sustainable food ecosystem that can contribute towards this goal.

Sustainability Issues

  • 2.7kg of carbon dioxide is emitted per dozen chicken eggs

  • It takes 53 gallons of water to produce 1 chicken egg

Disruptions & Wastage

  • 250,000 eggs were discarded in Singapore in 2020 due to oversupply​ caused by disruptions

  • 100 million spent chickens are slaughtered each year

Disease & Health Issues

  • 70% of new human diseases come from animals

  • Chicken eggs contain cholesterol, hormones, and drug residues

  • Avian flu, salmonella outbreaks are caused by chicken eggs



Eggs play a major role in Asian cuisine.


The impetus for the breakthrough for OnlyEg was founded on a key vision to create a plant-based egg that caters to the Asian diet, with the ability to reproduce the different styles of eggs that are commonly found in Asian cuisine. 


Some of our local favourite ways of enjoying them are on its own, as soft-boiled eggs with toasts for breakfast, or a sunny side-up served with rice dishes such as nasi lemak or fried rice. Ultimately our goal is to apply food science and  innovation to build plant-based products that can appeal all tastes - Asian and Western, whilst contributing to a sustainable food ecosystem.