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Introducing OnlyEg

Asia's first plant-based

whole egg substitute

OnlyEg in the form of a sunny side-up.png

We’re proud to be Singapore’s first food tech start-up dedicated to the development of a plant-based substitute for eggs, scrambling ahead as we put the nation on the map with OnlyEg - Asia's first plant-based whole egg substitute.


Developed with proprietary technology created by our in-house research and development team, OnlyEg presents an unparalleled proposition by offering legumes-based substitutes for both egg yolk and egg white as two distinct components, allowing for versatile applications that can be assembled in minutes into multiple well-loved styles of preparation including sunny side-up or overeasy.


OnlyEg is amongst the first of its kind to achieve this level of likeness to a real chicken egg. The closest alternatives in the market are currently liquid blends of egg substitutes that are limited to scrambled eggs or omelettes.


What sets us apart

Food as Medicine

A key component of our plant-based food mission is our “Food as Medicine” approach - where we recognise and fully tap into the nutritional benefits offered by

plant-based ingredients in our technology.


OnlyEg will be optimised with a nutritional value that matches that of whole chicken egg, offering a protein packed substitute. It will be free from cholesterol, hormones and drug residues. We build our products around the philosophy of using plants to help consumers eat clean, naturally sourced, nutrient-dense substitutes that are beneficial for their health and wellbeing.

OnlyEG © Yolk Shakshuka


OnlyEG Shakshuka

OnlyEG Burgers


OnlyEG in Mee Siam

Food for Asians

Eggs play a major role in Asian cuisine. 


The impetus for creating OnlyEg as two distinct components similar to that of a chicken egg was borne from a vision to create a plant-based egg that caters to the Asian diet, with the ability to reproduce the different styles of eggs that are commonly found in Asian cuisines. 


Some of our favourite ways of enjoying them right here in Singapore are as runny eggs paired with toasts for breakfast, or as a sunny side-up that can be commonly found on the top of rice dishes such as nasi lemak or fried rice.


Ultimately, our goal is to use the power of food science and innovation to create plant-based products with the versatility that can appeal to all tastes—be it Asian or Western—whilst contributing to a sustainable food ecosystem.


The numbers don't lie

Making the case for OnlyEg

blob colour 1.png


of global egg production takes place right here in Asia, making our region the largest consumers of chicken eggs in the world (1)

blob colour 2.png



eggs are consumed by Singaporeans every year - of which 74% are currently imported - rendering Singapore susceptible to food supply disruptions (3)

blob colour 4.png

30 BY


sees Singapore set a target to produce 30% of its food supply by 2030, and Float Foods' plans for OnlyEg are integral in helping the nation build a sustainable food ecosystem that can contribute towards this goal 

blob colour 3.png



gallons of water is required to produce just one chicken egg (4)

blob colour 1.png



eggs were discarded in Singapore in 2020 alone due to oversupply caused by disruptions (2)

blob colour 4.png


of new human diseases come from animals, of which avian flu and salmonella outbreaks are known to be transmitted through animals (5)

(1) Poultry World (2) Mothership (3) ChannelNewsAsia (4) Quartz (5) WorldBank

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