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The real question is.. why not?


Let’s break it down.


It’s a real source
of nutrition 

Breakthroughs in plant-based innovations are happening faster than ever before, as the appetite for meat-free meals grow. As we navigate this new era of plant-based consumption, we remain mindful to not create substitutes that purely avoid the detriment of animal products, but to ensure that our products are nutritionally dense.


After all, plants have been used for their medicinal properties for centuries, yet there is still plenty left to be explored in this aspect. Our innovations are rooted in using plants and cutting-edge science to uncover new methods of plant-based consumption that addresses both health and wellbeing.

fried egg - plate.png

OnlyEG Shreds Popiah


Our current consumption habits are no longer safe. For anyone.

For as long as animal-based foods have existed, we’ve been at the mercy of their detrimental effects. Surprising? Take a closer look. 70% of human diseases are transmitted from animal, including avian flu outbreaks and salmonella poisoning which continue to happen all across the world. The latest example that comes to mind? We’re literally living in its aftermath.


A plant-based diet mitigates these risks, and offered in the right way with the right mix of proteins, would still allow you to tap into the nutritional benefits and enjoyment you would get from consuming animals.

SUSTAINABILITYWe’re giving our planet a fighting chance

It’s not just the impact on our healths that raises concerns. The carbon footprint of animal-based foods is no longer something we can simply ignore. In fact, every nation in the world has agreed to address their negative impact on climate change under The Paris Agreement climate accord. From greenhouse gases to land and water use, switching out a diet based on animals and dairy products for a plant-based diet can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

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OnlyEG © Carbonara with plant based yolk


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