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Alternative proteins, cutting edge science

Simply delicious outcomes.

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Science meets plants

Each species of plants presents us with its own set of benefits - from nutrition to taste, right down to its tactical and functional properties. We’ve aligned ourselves with some of food science’s brightest minds to explore these ingredients down to each specific property, to research the combinations and methodologies to find the best outcomes - to recreate our favourite animal-based foods as viable plant-based products.


Don’t worry - we’re not here to stump you with long, convoluted lists of chemicals that no one really understands. We’re here to literally put our money where YOUR mouth is - with natural, healthy, versatile alternatives made as cleanly as possible, from plants.

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Cracking the plant-based egg

We’re proud to house a team of talented food tech scientists who are just as deft as they are determined to transform protein dense ingredients into alternative plant-based foods that won’t make you miss a thing.


Proteins. Sat fats. Dietary fibre. Salt. Nutrients. These are the key guideposts that drives our ambition forward to creating healthy plant based foods. 

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We're Float Foods,

and we're turning

plants into possibilities.

Float Foods Lab & Pilot Plant

Hersing Kitchen, #02-06,

21 Tampines Street 92, Singapore 528891

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