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A plant-based future, today

Plants have been known to possess nourishing properties for centuries, and recent strides in plant-based innovations have revealed that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of its full potential. Compared to animals, plant have protein and nutrient packed powerhouses we can transform, with considerably less impact on the environment. 


All that untapped potential got us excited. More importantly - it got us thinking. What if we could take it one step further and create supplements and substitute foods that we love without sacrificing the familiarity and comfort we derive from the experience of consuming them?


We leverage the power of plants to cleanly emulate these foods and how they are consumed, while making sure they are nutritious, and above all, as delicious as we expect them to be. Our roadmap to a plant-based future starts with paving new ways of consumption right here, right now, with resources that are already at our disposal.

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Our a-ha moment

The year was 2020. Covid-19 hit. It tore through the globe, sending along with it staples like milk, bread and eggs flying off the shelves as panic buying became a global phenomenon. It was a time like no other.


While all this was happening, we continued to hear of salmonella poisoning and avian flu outbreaks taking place all across the world.


We zoomed in. We Singaporeans love our eggs. We eat close to 2 billion of them each year. Not just scrambled, but in every way imaginable. Yet we import 74% of the eggs we consume. Things got so out of hand during the pandemic we had to start importing them from all over the world. This was all just a little too scary.

OnlyEG Burger

How would we move forward as a nation if our egg supply could so easily be threatened? We knew what could and couldn’t be changed, and we were compelled to take action.


We felt worse when we realised the detrimental effects of a diet solely based on foods sourced from animals. On the planet, on the animals, and on our own health. The coronavirus itself came from the context of infected animals. We all know how that turned out.


Something needed to be done.

An idea began to hatch in our heads.


Cue Float Foods.

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OnlyEG Fried Rice


Vinita Choolani

"I believe in the power of plants, and the possibilities they present as a source of food. Float Foods was founded on a simple but driven notion to forage for such possibilities, and create nutrient-dense substitutes to animal products for not just a specific segment of the population, but anyone who wishes to eat in a way that’s healthy and beneficial for both ourselves and the planet we inhabit. We can no longer simply ignore the fact that the current state of food production is setting us on a path to destruction."

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"Being able to create products that are sustainable for the environment is a huge feat that I’m more than proud to be a part of. Now that consumers are becoming more health conscious and wary to the effects of commercial farming,

I believe that the plant-based trend will only keep growing and I hope people will love our eggs just as much as we do!"

R&D Food Technologist
Likes her eggs done simple - hardboiled or scrambled

The ones
powering our
plant-based dreams

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“It’s more than just creating a novel product for the sake of being trendy. It’s about formulating something that’s nutritious, accessible, flexible and just as tasty to convince people to make the switch from chicken eggs"

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"There are so many different possibilities yet to be ventured in the plant-based industry. At the same time, we believe the most impactful change starts from plant sources. With how far we’ve gotten with our egg alternative, it’s exciting how much further we can stretch our product, beyond the limits of just a humble egg.”

R&D Food Technologist
Likes her scrambled or tossed in pasta sauces

R&D Intern
Likes her eggs with an oozy centre, poached or ramen-style

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“If someone had told me that I’d be involved in a project creating an actual egg, complete with yolk and whites from plants years back, I probably would have  shrug them off as crazy talk. Now that we’ve done it, it goes to show that the potential is limitless and I’m beyond excited for the positive impact a simple egg can do for the issue of food security and sustainability.”

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“While there’s a surge in plant-based innovations, there’s still the obstacle of breaking through mass consumer acceptance. But who’s to say what’s impossible these days? Little steps to brighter futures and we’re working on cracking that code one egg at a time.” 

Production Manager
Likes his eggs done omelette style, steamed and wobbly, salted and preserved

Food Engineer
Likes his eggs hardboiled plainly or scrambled in a pan

text bubble - right.png

It’s interesting to be in industry creating the staple foods of the future. The idea of being able to feed millions of people in a healthy way, without harming animals and whilst being more sustainable is an incredible one and we can’t wait for the products we create to permeate the lives of families in Singapore and beyond.

Commercial Manager
Likes her eggs in sunny sideups and french oeuf a la coque

text bubble - left.png

Witnessing the power of plants as a multifunctional ingredient has been phenomenal. In creating plant-based foods that do not remove from our favourite eating experiences but add to them instead, we’re building the bridge towards better eating for everyone, and a more sustainable planet. Absolutely yummy foods that are seamlessly incorporated into any lifestyle.

Business Development Manager
Likes his eggs overeasy and cooked all the way through

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The future of plant-based is right here

On our tiny red dot

Being in Singapore, we are surrounded by a veritable melting pot of innovators and ideators + plus we have access to talent, skills, resources and support from the government and institutions who share our vision for the future of food. With A*STAR, ESG, EDB, and grants such as Temasek Foundation, we can leverage and translate our technology  into working, practical and innovative outcomes.


Founded by Singaporeans, for Singapore, and the rest of the world

There are few places greater and on the constant cusp of innovation than the hub that Singapore has become for alternative proteins. The pandemic has particularly brought rise to the adoption of plant-based foods. 


Research* shows that two in five Singaporeans are on a flexitarian diet, with about one in twenty people following a vegetarian or vegan diet. In Thailand, 28% of consumers are opting for flexitarian diets.


As we become increasingly aware of the impact that animal products have on our environment and health, we are moving towards healthier and more nutrient dense foods.

Source: Sunday Times, Singapore, 24.10.2021


OnlyEG © Shreds in Nasi Lemak 

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OnlyEG Hor Fun

30 BY 30
Our part to play in Singapore’s future food ambitions

Singapore aims to produce 30% of its nutritional needs locally by 2030. In present-day reality, it imports over 90% of its food supply, a statistic that the pandemic has revealed is especially susceptible to potential disruptions. In the eggs industry alone, Singapore imports 74% of its supply from overseas, despite the fact that the nation consumes almost 2 billion eggs every year, making it one of three that Singapore Food Agency has identified as ‘critical foods'.


Float Foods was founded by Singaporeans to passionately bring Singapore closer to its goal. With eggs as our call to arms, we are putting our best minds behind the development and production—right here in Singapore—of plant-based eggs alternatives that can match the taste, texture, versatility and nutrition of table eggs.


We're Float Foods,

and we're turning

plants into possibilities.

Float Foods Lab & Pilot Plant

Hersing Kitchen, #02-06,

21 Tampines Street 92, Singapore 528891

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